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Join Us As a Volunteer

If you would like to join us as a volunteer, please fill out the following form.

Alternatively you can download the form by clicking here: Volunteering Application. 

Then fill it out (print, fill out, scan) , and email it to us at

Volunteer Application Form

Which area(s) are you able to travel to for Wellness Days?

Referee Request

It is our policy to verify the suitability of all new volunteers. Please supply the names and addresses of TWO referees who will be willing to support your application to become a volunteer? Please choose people who have known you for at least two years, but who are NOT immediate family.  We will phone ONE of the people that you nominate.

Confidentiality Agreement

The Feeling Fab Charitable Trust/Foundation requires that strict confidentiality be maintained with respect to all information obtained by volunteers concerning the organisation, as well as the clients and others they serve. 


Volunteers shall not disclose any information obtained in the course of his/her volunteer placement to any third parties without prior written consent from the organisation. This includes but is not limited to information pertaining to financial status and operations such as budget information, donations of money or gifts in kind, salary information, information pertaining to clients, staff or other volunteers.


At no time are your religious beliefs/faiths to be discussed during your sessions with your clients. 


No information concerning any volunteer will be divulged without prior written consent of the volunteer.  This includes addresses, telephone numbers, etc. 


Failure to comply with the confidentiality policies of the organisation may result in disciplinary actions, including the dismissal of the volunteer. 

As a volunteer of this organisation, I understand that I may have access to confidential information, both verbal and written, relating to clients, volunteers or staff and the organisation. 


I understand, and agree, that all such information is to be treated confidentially and discussed only within the boundaries of my volunteer position at this organisation. 


I also agree not to discuss these same matters after I have left my volunteer position at this organisation. I further understand that breach of this agreement shall constitute grounds for and may result in termination of my volunteer status with this organisation, except where such disclosure is consistent with stated policy and relevant legislation.

General Declaration

By Submitting this form, I confirm that all details supplied on this form are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I recognise that failure to declare any relevant information or to supply the details required may result in my volunteer role with Feeling Fab be discontinued. I understand that this form and its information will be held securely on the Feeling Fab database.

Thanks for submitting!

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